DA Big House
Mixed greens, twirled carrots and beets, cucumbers and red bells 7.50
Little house 4.30

romaine lettuce tossed with croutons, parmigiano reggiano and caesar dressing 7.50
add chicken 2.70 add avo 3.00

Grilled pear
baby spinach, candied pecans, blood orange sections, prosciutto, chevre and house balsamic dressing 9.20

Chicken Club
Lettuce Wrap
butter leaf lettuce filled with chopped chicken, bacon, avocado 9.50

Pistachio Crusted Scallops
Topped with remoulade and served on mixed greens with jicama, carrots, tomatoes, twirled beets, red bells and cucumbers 16


Sexy Coffee 4.50
Coffee 2.50
Hot Chocolate 3.50
Hot Tea 2.50
Sodas 2.00
Iced Tea 2.00
apple juice 2.20

Beer (see list)
        classic 2.00
        premium 3.00

Wine(see list)
        Sparkling 4.00
        Mimosa  4.00
        Cranberry Kiss 4.00
with fresh cut fries or coleslaw

Half Soup and Sand
Yup, any sandwich on this page with your choice of a cup of soup or chili 9.20
This does not include fries

Grilled Reuben
house cured corned beef with
sauerkraut, melty swiss cheese,
grilled rye bread and
thousand island dressing 11.50

Pulled Pork
in housemade bbq sauce
topped with fried green tomatoes, coleslaw and aioli 10.50

Grilled Cheese
melty cheddar on grilled
old school sour dough 6.20
                Add on!
avo 3.00                tomato 2.00
ortega  2.00         bacon

Course ground Edamame  on 3 flatbreads with avocado, tomato, hummus, tatziki, cucumbers mixed greens and sprouts.  BRING IT~ 11.10
Sub butterleaf lettuce for flatbread no charge!

Roasted Chicken
Oven roasted chicken breast
with spinach, oven dried tomatoes, ailoi and chevre on house baked roll.  11.20

Turkey & Stuffing
CLASSIC turkey breast with housemade stuffing and cranberry sauce on freakin great sourdough. Butter leaf and  Aioli bring it all together. served cold 10.20

Tri Tip Avocado
Slow roasted seasoned tri tip sliced thin on a toasted roll with melty jack, harrisa and sliced avocado 11.20

Fresh Cut Fries
Fresh cut french fries with
aioli and harrisa  4.90

Onion Rings
Yup we make them here and they are good served with aioli and BBQ  6.90

Hummus and Flatbread
Traditional hummus  with cucumber salad and turmeric-fennel flatbread 6.50

Chevre and Baguette
warm goat cheese  with tapenade and oven dried tomatoes 7.50

Catch OTD
super crazy fresh local catch on a roll
with aioli, pickles, lettuce, red
onion and tomatoes topped with chunky avocado pesto  12.50

Really good roasted tomatoes, onions, roasted red bells, zucchini, mushrooms and eggplant on grilled sourdough 10.20
add cheese 1.20
add avo  3.00

Soup and Sandwich
select any ½  sandwich and a cup of
soup or chili 9.20

soup du jour
cup  3.50
bowl 5.70

Tri Tip Chili
topped with cheddar, scallions and red onions if you ask
cup 3.50
bowl 5.70

Not really soup but it comes in a bowl!
manilla clams, mussels, prawns and scallops steamed with white wine, leeks, garlic, scallions and butter.  16

thousand island, pickles, lettuce, red
onion and tomatoes   7.50
        add cheese 1.20
        add avo  3.00
        add bacon 2.50

the Frankie
Cheeseburger with avocado, over medium egg and an onion ring  11.20